Old Towns Downloads

This site is dedicated entirely to providing great quality downloads of old, interesting, educational, useful and beautiful images, all in PDF format for easy printing.
The PDF files can also be disassembled in Adobe PhotoShop (or similar) if you wish to resize or restyle the images to suit your printing purposes.

Our downloads provide a great source of material perfect to use in a variety of hobby's and crafts, such as card making, scrap booking and decoupage
Producers of products using sublimation printing will also find this site a rich source of material.
Selling prints of old pictures at craft fairs is a great way to create and income, provided care is taken in selection of paper, inks and printer.
Our maps and pictures are also an excellent data source for history and genealogy researchers.
We have a large stock of both maps and pictures waiting to be uploaded, so if you can't find what you are looking for please contact us and we may well be able to help! 

The picture downloads are created to print beautifully at 7 inches on the longest side (17.78 cm), equal to about half an A4 sheet.
For best results you must print using photographic or coated paper, as standard printer paper will give dull and lifeless pictures, probably with added lines!
Our map downloads are printable, but a primarily designed as digital products to be viewed in a PDF reader or graphics software.

The collections are constantly growing as we sort through the many items in storage, enough to keep us busy for many years to come!

Please use the Search box to make sure you get best use of the site.

* All maps, pictures books & magazines on this site are to the best of our knowledge in the public domain.
However, we do claim copyright of the edited scans as provided in the downloads, and require that purchased downloads are not resold in any DIGITAL FORM.

Buyers are allowed to use PRINTED images in any commercial or non-commercial form, such as postcard prints, sublimation printing on cups, etc.
Use of the images on websites may be allowed with our prior agreement; please contact us for permission.